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Who designs your cards?

I do! I sculpt & design all my cards and they are printed locally in the High Peak

Are you able to personalise the cards?
I supply greeting cards for you to hand write your own message. All my cards are blank inside

What size are they?
Each card measures 7"x 5" - this makes them perfect for framing.

Are envelopes supplied?
Yes, each card comes complete with an envelope & in a cellophane sleeve.


What are Jaine's Peeps?
They are small hand sculptured figures. You can have them to stand on top of your cake for a wedding, a christening, a party, a graduation - the list is endless.
Also endless are the places you can pop them if you don’t want them on your cake - by the guest book and bouquet at your wedding reception for example - though they do look awfully cute on the cake!

What are peeps made of?
They are handmade using polymer clay which is fired in an oven. They will last a lifetime and will not fade or crumble. They are NOT edible & unlike sugar figures will never go mouldy or deteriorate over time.

Polymer clay is 100% non toxic & conforms to ASTM D 4236 (Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc.)

How big are they?
Peeps are approximately 4" tall and stand on a round base for stability.
Pet Peeps are approximately 4" tall and do not need a base unless required.

How do you get them to look like us?
Peeps are unique.
They are handmade without the use of moulds and though they are not intended to be an exact image, I look at your photos and do my best to ensure that your peeps replicate how gorgeous you will look on your wedding day.

How soon should I place my order?
As soon as possible.
The longer you wait, the more chance someone else may have booked your date.

How do I pay?
You can pay with cash, bank transfer or through PayPal.
Once your details are confirmed I will send you an invoice for the deposit, plus when to pay the outstanding balance.
A deposit is required to confirm your booking.
Only when I have received your deposit payment is your date is secure.
I will send another invoice 7 weeks before your date - once this is paid I will grow your peeps!

How much is the deposit?
I require a deposit of £25 for each order.

When will I receive my peeps?
They will be ready for pick-up or delivery approximately 2 weeks before your date.

I don't want my peeps to be damaged in the post, can I pick them up?
Not a problem, I live in the Peak District and there are lots of lovely pubs nearby for lunch while you're here.

I don't live nearby, how will my peeps be delivered?
Your peeps will be wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a double-walled cardboard box filled with bubble wrap.
This box will be packed into another double-walled cardboard box filled with bubble wrap, and sealed with "fragile" tape.
I will post your peeps using Royal Mail Special Delivery, guaranteed to be delivered before 1pm the next working day for UK mainland destinations.

I don't want my partner to see our peeps before our wedding, can you help?
Your peeps can be delivered to any address - your home, your parent's home, your workplace - just let me know where you would like them to go when they are ready.

How should I store my peeps after the celebration?
The best place is in that kitchen cupboard with the glass door; this will keep the dust off them and they will smile at you every time you get the posh glasses out at Christmas. If you want to pop them on the mantelpiece, buy a small glass vase from Ikea (other purveyors of glass vases are available), turn it upside down and place it on top of your peeps et voila - a protective handy glass dome which can be placed in the dishwasher once in a while.

How do I clean my peeps?
If they do get dusty, you can clean them gently using a soft paint brush.
Do not put them in water or the dishwasher as this may damage them, and on no account attack them with the vacuum - once a button hole disappears up your crevice tool it'll be lost forever.

What do I do if my peeps get damaged?
Peeps are sturdy but small details like a bouquet are very fragile so you should handle your peeps as if they were valuable antique china.
On the plus side, if they do get damaged they are happy to be stuck back together with Superglue showing no signs of their accident.
I also recommend adding Superglue to your list of items required at your reception - after a particularly lovely ceremony a groom dropped their peeps and, moments before the "pretending to cut the cake" photograph, a head, an arm and some flowers were successfully reattached using Blu-Tack from the hotel's office supplies cupboard.

I want to order some peeps as a surprise present for my daughter/son/parents/friends, how soon after their wedding will I receive them?
Secure the date of the wedding as usual, letting me know they're a gift. Email me photos of the happy couple as soon as possible after their wedding and I will complete their peeps and post them within 2 weeks, so they'll arrive when the happy couple return from their honeymoon.

We're already married, can I still order some peeps?
These are the ideal peeps for me to make as I'll know exactly how you looked on your day! Place your order and I'll reserve you the nearest available date. If you would like your peeps as an anniversary present I will book you in as if for a wedding - if your peeps arrive too early the giggling and excitement will be too much to endure and the anniversary surprise will be ruined.

I'd like to order some peeps as an anniversary present for my parents but they got married years ago, can you still do them?
Have a look at my Wedding Peeps page - there are several anniversary peeps on there.
Ann & Alan, wearing yellow & purple, were made for my friend Sally. Unfortunately Sally's dad Alan passed away and Sal thought that these would make a special gift to give to her mum Ann on their wedding anniversary in July.
Sally was so chuffed with the peeps that they were given to Ann in March on Mothers Day!

Can I cancel my order?
You can cancel your order at any time however I will only give a complete refund if you cancel up to 3 months before your wedding day.
No refund will be given if cancellation is within 3 months.

Please note that I am not authorised to sell licensed or copyrighted products.

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